Welcome to our website! A number of customers requested that we display pictures of items, so pictures you have! Details of how to use the website are found under FAQs, but if you have any problems, please contact us and we will try to help.

As our website has been off-line for a (long) time, there has been speculation that we have ceased trading, partly because of our dissolution of NscaleCH Ltd as a limited company. However, NscaleCH has continued to attend shows and to receive mail orders. We hope this new website will re-establish ourselves firmly in the N-scale Swiss scene. A list of future shows can be found under the 'Our next shows' tab.

NscaleCH was set up to satisfy the demands of those N-scale modellers who were looking for good Swiss models at an affordable price. We aim to maintain a high standard, and any defects found in our models are treated to a full repair treatment either by ourselves or a professional repairer. Over the years we have built up a substantial knowledge of the vagaries of the manufacturers' products, and can advise on the best models to suit your purpose.

Our trade-in offers are generous and rarely turned down: try us first, and we hope you will be delighted!

Footnote: there are several customers who paid deposits for the reluctantly aborted SBB Driving trailer project, who have not received refunds. If you wish to claim your refund, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to get the money to you.